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Well in home, LLC is an out-of-network provider. While we do not accept insurance and payment is expected at the time of service, you may receive reimbursement for services from your insurance company. We bill usual and customary physical therapy codes and will provide you with the documentation needed to receive the maximum reimbursement available. We advise our patients to contact their insurance companies to determine their benefits for out patient, out of network physical therapy visits.  

Evaluation-- $125

A comprehensive, in-home evaluation which includes a physical evaluation of the patient as well as an environmental assessment is $125. The evaluation lasts about an hour and does not require a prescription from a physician.

Improve your balance, strength and safety with a guided, corrective exercise program based in the Fletcher school of Pilates established by an expert in movement and balance with extensive musculoskeletal experience and knowledge. You'll receive detailed instruction at every visit and a written program that is tailored to your needs and will change and progress at every visit, based upon your needs and your goals. 

wellness programs


Skilled physical therapy-- $90 per 50 minute session

Skilled physical therapy visits following the evaluation are $90 per visit and require a physician's prescription.

Wellness activities--$75 for a 50 minute session

Wellness therapy, following an evaluation, does not require a physician's prescription and is intended for the purpose of injury prevention, the reduction of stress, or the promotion of fitness. Wellness activities may include exercises to improve general conditioning, balance, and endurance. Many people seek wellness services to decrease their risk of falling and to reduce stress associated with the fear of injury due to deconditioning. 

Physical Therapists treat orthopedic and neurological injuries as well as debility resulting from surgery, but did you know that we also treat gait disorders, balance disorders, postural disorders, vertigo, incontinence, and chronic pain?

Do you have a diagnosis for which you think physical therapy may be helpful? Has your physician recommended physical therapy? Have you finished up traditional PT following a surgery or illness but would like a little more therapy? I can continue skilled physical therapy to address your post-surgical or post-illness needs in the comfort of your home. A prescription is no longer necessary in Louisiana. Just call for a formal evaluation and we can decide if PT is right for you. 


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